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I navigate narratives that can´t be told without motion pictures, sound, and control over "time".
Maher´s first directorial debut feature and Cristi Puiu feature among Marseille’s FIDLab 2022 projects.
Baltic Sea Docs gets under way - Cineuropa

Short Film - Trailer

Short Bio

Amina Maher is a queer feminist filmmaker, activist and artist who was born in 1992 in Tehran, Iran. The child of a war veteran started writing poems and short stories at a very early age. Her works train her unblinking gaze on the breakdown of the family structure, shame culture, and patriarchal myths. Her cinematic activity began as the main actor in Abbas Kiarostami and Mania Akbari´s Ten (2002) nominated for the Palmedór at Cannes. She was unknowingly filmed in the passenger seat of her mother´s car. Since then, she acted, edited, and has been in films that have been part of festivals such as Cannes, BFI, San Sebastian, and Rotterdam. Her directorial short films have been internationally well received with +200 festival participations and +50 Awards from festivals such as Ann Arbor, Kasseler Doc, Guanajuato (GIFF), Mexico Shorts, New Fest New York, and Tel Aviv LGBT (TLV Fest) among many others. Her three Short films, Letter to My Mother, Out of Frame and Where Is the Friend´s Home? have been part of the Frauen Film Festival Dortmund-Köln and Museum Ostwalll in 2022. Her creative work explores childhood memories, mental health, and self-realization with a mission to amplify trans and queer storylines. Her first directorial debüt feature has been part of Berlinale Dok Station Lab in 2023, Fid Lab Marseille, Close Up Initiative, Baltic Sea Docs forum, and Dok Fest München forum in 2022. She has a BA in filmmaking and an MA in film directing from Film University Babelsberg in Germany.


2024 This is Not A Porn! l Director & Writer - Work in Progress - 14Min

2023 Where Is The Friend´s Home? l Director & Writer - 12Min  61st Ann Arbor Int. F. F.

2022 Out Of Frame l Director & Writer - 14Min - In Collaboration with Frauen F. F. Dormund-Köln

2019 Letter to My Mother l Director & Writer - 20Min  +200 Festivals  +50 Awards  

2015 One Window Will Suffice l Director & Writer - 77Min - 25th Chichester Int. F. F.

2015 Orange (Fiction 15 Min) l Director & Writer - 15Min  BA STUDENT FILM

2013 Sweet Gin & Cold Wine l Director & Writer - 24Min BA STUDENT FILM - 25th Oldenburg Int. F. F.

2012 Behind the Scenes of From Tehran to London l Writer & Director - 15Min

2012 From Tehran to London l AD - 45Min - Rotterdam Int. Film Festival


2004 - 2007 6 Video Arts by Mania Akbari l AD & Actor - Locarno Film Festival

2006 10+4 (Doc-Fiction 75 Min) l Actor (Herself) San Sebastian Int. Film FestivalNantes Three Continents Int. F. F - Kerala Int. F. F

2002 Ten Nominated for Palmed´or (Documentary 89 Min) l Protagonist (Herself) No Human Rights were considered for the creation of this film. (Read More)

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