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Orange (Fiction - 15Min  Second BA Film)

Orange is a short poetic experimental film portraying the conflicts, taboos, fears, and traditions of Iran’s young generation facing modernity.

Director and Scriptwriter: Amin Maher
Producers: Mehrdad Eghbali, Amin Maher
Cinematographer: Mehrdad Eghbali
Editors: Ali Nikkhouy
Sound Recorder and Designer: Ali Nikkhouy
Assistant Director: Armin Rezavand
Cast: Amin Maher, Hoda Taheri
Production Manager: Mamoun Abufarha
Assistant Sound Recorder: Asghar Ahmadi
Custome Designer: Sanaz Akbari
Assistant Editor: Babak Rahmani

Color, HD, 16:9   |   15min   |   2015, Iran


Director Statement


Orange starts with POV shots that almost have the same duration. Until the fifth scene, they are either silent or have sound without an image. In addition to storytelling by using the elements of cinema such as sound and motion picture, the film gives a different concept to these elements and shows how form and content can’t be separated in a simple way.

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