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Further Links to Follow up:
1. Mania Akbari Tells Her Own Story
2. Abbas Kiarostami Rape Allegation
3. So Abbas Kiarostami Stole Ten?
4. Female Actress Claims She Directed ‘Ten’ and Was Raped By Abbas Kiarostami

Amina Maher & Mania Akbari in 10+4

Farsi speaking News against Mania Akbari & Amina Maher

Farsi Speaking News Aginst Mania Akbari & Amina Maher

8th of March - Seminar for Women Empowerment

Mania Akbari & Shaghayegh Norouzi about the film Ten

Amina Maher & Shaghayegh Norouzi

Interview with Iran Transition Council

Q and A with Soura Film Festival - Berlin

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