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Where is the Friend´s Home?
Premiered at 61st Ann Arbor Int. F. F.

Short Documentary Film (Completed)   | Production Year 2019 


Release Year 2023 


Genre Auto-ethnographic Experimental   |   Runtime 11 Min   |   Language English, Farsi  


Status Sound Design and Mix, Color Grading

© Amina Maher

Sound: 5.1 Surround Mix, Stereo   |   Frame Rate: 25   |   Color, 16:9 HD   |  Germany 

Stills - Color.00_00_39_15.Still004.jpg


"In the midst of a journey of profound self-discovery, two friends delve into their deepest personal moments, shattering the silence as they confront their hidden desires. This 12-minute short film is a thought-provoking exploration of body politics, censorship, gender norms, and societal taboos that will leave you pondering long after the credits roll."

Production Notes

The confrontation of unspoken desires with the help of a friend. An honest, fearless, and strong examination of the body and identity in relation to social taboos, violence, and power.
The film is independently created by a BIPOC and Queer cast & crew. It is about queer friendship and transparency that leads us to a new discovery about our own desires, shame, and patriarchal society. It chooses a non-normative approach and alludes to the conservative approach of Sohrab Sepehri´s Poem as well as Kiarostami´s film of the same title. 

Directed, Written & Produced by Amina Maher


Siddhant Sarin

Assistant Director

Nailya Bikmurzina


Juliano Castro
Amina Maher

Sound Designer

Alexei Galar

Location Sound

Alex Feldman

Production Designer

Lea Bethke

Stills - Color.00_03_02_07.Still016.jpg
Stills - Color.00_05_34_24.Still024.jpg
Stills - Color.00_07_18_23.Still038.jpg
Color Check 30.01.2022.00_12_11_08.Still029.jpg
Stills - Color.00_02_14_05.Still009.jpg
Stills - Color.00_08_51_07.Still060.jpg

FILM STILLS   Where is the Friend´s Home?   © Amina Maher  


POSTER BY  - Elsa Klée     Where is the Friend´s Home?     

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